Tank comes to his Forever Home

A Grey and white puppy is in the backseat of a car laying on a vivid orange, yellow, and green blanket and a brown blanket napping.Tank joining his family was a sudden, but never regretted choice. A team work groupchat and a post by one teammate sad that she was required to rehome her baby. Not lack of love by anymeans. She struggled with finding him a place. A chain reaction was already in play. Well it didn’t take long for photos of the gorgeous pupper to win the hearts of everyone. But lucky for his new family they lived within driving distance. An quick exchange of messages, confirmations between everyone and a handful of days found both familiies on a long roadtrip to pass the care of this loving, smart amazing puppo. Thankfully for both sets of loving pet parents Tank’s transition was seemless and happy. When it was time to part ways the handsome boy who was the very goodest in the world hopped right in the car with his new blanket to head to his new home.